About US

Ardhalaws is an Iraqi company worked in general contracts field from 2005 and it’s leading in all building and constructing.

Our projects are characterized with (Elegance –Accuracy – Safety) and woke as international
standers and we have Technical and engineeringstaff specialist.

Brief about company activities:

  • Civil works: supply & execution the civil building in different types, infrastructure works (roads, sewerage & water networks…etc.)

  • Mechanical works: installation and operating theLBG plants, we are certified company in the ministry of oil – gas filling company.

  • installation and operating water filling and soft drink factory

  • installation and operating water plants

  • installation and operating steam boilers

  • Pipe welding works according to internationalstanders

  • Fire rated works

  • Cooling ducts work

  • لوكو انكليزي